Kissing Sisters

Adult phone chat

Yesterday was Sister’s day, so my Sister and I went out for lunch. We were having such a great time! We were day drinking and getting pretty trashed. This hot guy came up to us and started flirting with us. We ended up back at my place all kissing and rubbing each other. Never have I ever kissed my sister like this or even touched her big tits and hairless cunt. She is older than me and I love her but I knew I had these feelings for her. We ran a bath to give him a show. As we started washing each other things got even hotter between us.

Phone sex

My fingers slipped and went in between her pussy lips. She grabbed my wrist and started rubbing her clint with my hand. We started kissing as I slipped my fingers inside her tight cunt. I couldn’t believe I was finger fucking my sister. I pulled my fingers out of her and sucked her juiced off of my fingers as she went down on my cunt. After our bath was done and we were done fucking each other we looked around and the guy we brought home was gone. Now we know how we feel about each other we didn’t need him anyway!

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