Katy’s Bisexual Bartender Fun!

Bisexual Phone SexWhile working the bar things got a little too hot between me and my slutty coworker! I love being a bartender at my local college bar, it means I can drink all day and meet hot coeds to hook up with after my shift! I’ve been flirting with this really sexy blonde girl I work with for months and I keep hoping she will take some of my sexy remarks seriously. Just this afternoon when I was clearing my tips in the back office, I finally was alone with her, I couldn’t help but kiss her soft lips and run my hands all over her amazing body. I was wet and throbbing the whole time and when I pulled back, she just dropped to her knees and went under my short skirt. I could feel her fingers sliding inside my pussy and before I could gasp, she as tonging my clit making me moan loudly. I looked down at her in shock, I had no idea she wanted me just as bad, I came all over her face right at the boss opened the office door!

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