Just How We Roll

Looking threw my photo album I came across an oldie but goodie. Just remembering this night made me cum all over again. This my friend is how we roll. Lot’s of booze, lots of drugs and lots and lots of tits, ass and raunchy fucking. It isn’t for everyone and some people like to sugar coat things and label it a “swingers party” or an “orgy” but I call it like I see it…a good old fashioned party, a fuck fest, a massive good time with lots of mind altering substances that help you loose any and all inhibition and make you horny as fucking hell. I don’t know about any one else but I can’t get enough of getting fucked up and fucked. The more the merrier and the more new things I can try. There is always that one guy or girl at the party that knows some new and wild shit to try. Of course if the party is good enough I never remember that shit clearly in the morning. Generally it is a foggy memory and I have to remember who was so wild and crazy so I can make sure to meet up with them again and get a refresher course. LMAO it is one big circle and a hell of a ride!

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