Jacking Off Mr. R For Cash!

Teen Phone SexI’ve done some crazy things in my life but sucking off my best friends dad for cash is definitely in my top 5! As a teen slut I loved doing impulsive things to get attention; in fact one of my favorite stunts I’ve pulled was steeling my dad’s luxury car with my boyfriend! Maybe I shouldn’t have started giving him sloppy road head while he was driving, I think it was my fault he crashed my dad’s car into a tree! Daddy was beyond pissed off! He punished me brutally with his cock and told me I had to pay for the repairs. I was sooo upset until I realized all I had to do was put a price on my teen fuck holes to pay for the damage! Let’s see… my principal paid the first $500 to fuck me over his desk, he stretched out my tight asshole with his hard cock! Then I gave a few of my teachers blow jobs for $150 each! That helped me get a little closer but I was getting frustrated that no one could afford my price, the old man janitor only had $50 bucks so I just let him jerk his cock while I watched and played with my wet little cunt! The final installment for daddy’s repairs came from my best friend’s dad, Mr. R has always been so generous! I stopped by his office after school and told him I needed the last $1,500 and he let me jack him off while I told him about how many cocks, I’ve taken in my teen fuck sleeve. Mr. R came all over my face when I told him all about that time my daddy and my brother both fucked me!

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