Is he coming back?



I really get into being dominated in bed. Being submissive really makes me so fucking horny. When I have to beg for Daddy’s throbbing hard cock to fuck my tight wet pussy gets my motor going!I have no  limits and dudes really get off on that too. Those sick fucks are always coming up with freaky nasty shit to do to me. Such as shoving empty beer bottles up my twat and fucking me with it,and then making me lick all my pussy juice off the glass bottle after I cum all over the neck of the bottle. The other night this booty call friend of mine, snuck into my bedroom while I was starting to fall asleep and I felt as his arm was creeping up my body and then he pinned me down with his body weight , he put a ball gag in my mouth so i couldn’t scream and without any warning or lube he shoved his massive 9 inch cock into my twat and started to fuck the shit out of me. He wrapped his hand around my throat as his dick was deep inside my wet cunt and started to choke me. I got so fucking excited I instantly cam all over his cock coating it with my thick  creamy cum. He choked me harder as soon as he realized I came so fast and told me I better not fucking do that again until he got his rocks off and dumped his load of jiz into my twat like the cum slut whore I am. I nodded yes without even making a sound as he thrusted so hard into me I thought he was going to fucking split me in half. When I felt his sticky thick sex soup leak out the sides of my snatch I couldn’t hold back any more and I came all  over his pecker again , toes curled back arched and moaning like a bitch in heat as he choked me til I saw stars and i felt myself blacking out. Next thing I remember I wake up and he’s gone but my arms are tied above my head to the headboard with rope and they are tingling and I can barely feel them. Shit I think to myself he better come back soon or I’m going to be in trouble…


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