Intrusive Fantasy Thoughts for Adult Phone Chat Hotties

Adult Phone Chat

I take fat cocks all of the time for adult phone chat but, I can not stop thinking about sucking my boss’s cock at my job in real life. He is so damn fine! He wears these white button-up shirts that are just so well at showing off his muscles and you can sometimes see that sexy cock print through his suit pants, that man is packing some meat! I stare at him and sometimes he catches it, my pussy soaks almost through my skirt with how he stares back. I daydream about him slamming me down and fucking me on top of his desk. Today, I let those intrusive thoughts of mine win when it was time for the office to shut down for the evening. Everyone was gone, he leaves last. I stayed behind and invited him out. He turned it down and I decided o walk in and touch his arm, begging with my eyes and he knew. He knew how much I wanted that cock inside of me. He leaned in and kissed me! I felt his cock close and oh so hard against my thigh. His lips sucked on my neck, his fingers dropped to under my skirt and he felt that pool of heat that he caused in my wet panties! His fingers penetrated my wet cunt, my moans escaping my lips that only made him harder. He picked me up and threw my ass onto his desk as I have always dreamed of! I heard his buckle come loose and then saw his beautiful, perfect, nine inches of cock! I spread my legs with a smile and let him rip down my panties down and have his way with me!

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