In Between the Sheets

I was invited out to a ranch owned by a Texas congressman, for a private party!  There were instructions left in the limo that was sent for me.  I stripped and put on the jewelry and trench coat laying under the note.  I arrived, dropped the trench at the door, and walked naked through the foyer, as instructed.  When I made it to the door marked “Enter,” a warm slickness started to coat the inside of my pussy – anticipation of a wild, sexy time.

Once inside, I was blinded by a huge splash of warm water in my face.  I heard the door close and lock behind me, and a roar of many male voices yelling insults at me.  I cleared the water from my eyes and saw a sea of white-hooded men.  OMG, a Klan meeting…  I almost came right then, from surprise, fear and sexual excitement.  I knew these men were going to have me in ways I couldn’t explain.  The brutal abuse I would endure just might cause my last breath and final orgasm

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