Impregnating You and Your Wife.

I think I want to get into the business of impregnating women. I still love to make men my little sissy fags, but there’s nothing like a pussy. So really and truly this would probably classify as me helping out my team. After all, teamwork makes the dream work. My big black dick has probably planted a seed or two somewhere over the years anyway. I can’t keep it away from the women. I have those sluts climbing up the wall, and they always come back for more. They love to suck on my lady cock and play with my huge soft tits at the same time. Some of them even like for me to fuck there sissy ass husbands while they watch. They just lay there and finger there pretty little pussies while I stick my whole dick up hubbies man hole. If I had it my way, wives and husbands would be sex slaves to my superior black cock. One day I’m gonna get somebody’s wife pregnant. I know I can fuck these bitches better than their little dick loser husbands. I’m a whole lot of woman but putting this long lady pole to use is my specialty.

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