I’m Your Fuck Doll

BDSM Phone Sex Make me gag with your rod, choke me with cum, deep down all I really want is to be held down and fucked until I cant even walk straight anymore. I have this craving for as many cocks as possible but I want to be forced to fuck and not know when It will end. I never understood why I want it but I do know that all I crave is for you hold me down while my legs are spread wide with my clit exposed to a vibrator, I need to be forced to cum again and again until I cant even scream anymore. I want as many cocks inside me at the same time so I can be completely covered in cum. I get wet just thinking about getting spread out by a large gathering of hot hard dicks just leaking in anticipation of drilling me. It is my personal dream to be the most used and abused fuck doll for all to see.

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