I’m Watching You

Voyeur Phone Sex tranny sexLast summer, I went rock climbing against my better judgment with a guy I was fucking. I’m not really the rock climbing type, but the things you do for cock, right? It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be actually. Quite invigorating; tested my stamina.  I figured up that far, in the middle of nowhere, no one could see us but the birds. We found a decent size ledge to fuck. If I’m exerting that much energy, I better get fucked too. My dominant side came out as we were repelling. I made Leo suck my cock, mid air. I was suspended above him a bit when I made him swallow my pretty dick. It was odd though, I felt like we were being watched. But I swear the only thing that could have seen us 1000 feet in the air were the birds and maybe God lol.

After Leo got my cock as hard as the rock we were climbing, I bent him over and fucked his ass on that ledge. Pretty risky considering I thrust a little too hard, and Leo and I both could have plummeted to our death lol. It was really hot though dropping a load in his ass that far up in the air. Leo was a closeted fag, so none of his friends or family, and certainly not his boss knew I had a cock! I think it’s kind of hot duping people anyway.  When we got back to civilization where my car was, we discovered a sealed envelope. Inside was a sim card with a note that simply said “I love watching two faggots fuck.” When I attached it to my phone, there was a video of our mile high fuck and suck, plus tons of pictures of me. Many that I had posed for what I thought was Leo’s eyes only. I clearly had a voyeur, but how the fuck did he get up as high as we were undetected? How had he been watching me for what looked like months without me knowing?

exhibitionist phone sex shemale sexI thought I had an invisible stalker. Almost a year later, I still get mysterious  photos, cards and videos of me naked and fucking, some even of me sleeping. My voyeur has managed to remain anonymous to me. At first, I was creeped out. But since nothing nefarious has resulted from being watched,  I thought why not give my voyeur a show? I do love an audience. I got rid of all the blinds in my loft, and I make sure to practice as much exhibitionism as I can. It’s like a game I play with my fan. He will include a note like, wear red panties next time or use a purple dildo in that tight ass of yours or you deserve a bigger cock than that loser you brought home last night. I just sort of assume I am being watched all the time now. I wish he would reveal himself to me, but then I guess if he did, our sexy little game of cat and mouse would be over. I have to admit, being watched stroking my cock, fucking men in the ass, even while sleeping, has made me step up my game. I mean, you never know when someone is looking.shemale phone sex public fucking


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