On The Outside Looking In

cum slut phone sex dixie1When my sister cums over we always have the best fucking sex. I have a special dildo for her it is huge, white, and even has veins all over it just like a real blood filled throbbing cock. I love fucking her with it and watching her lick all her creamy cunt juice off of it. She takes her tongue and puts it on the tip pulling it back and showing me a string of her cum just like a hot slice of pizza with melted cheese. It’s enough to make me cum with out even being touched. She has a special vibrator for me it isn’t as big as hers and it is smooth and black. God knows she knows how to work my cunt with it. All of our fucking each other and eating each others pussies is only made better by the fact that we leave the blinds open so he can watch.

We discovered that my naughty neighbor was a voyeur a few years ago. My brother caught him peeking in the window at my sister and I before she left home. You would think the ass whipping my brother gave him would have stopped him, but it didn’t. And in truth we loved the fact that he would watch us every night. It just made us hornier then ever and we always put on a show.

Now I watch him peering out of his window every time she pulls up to visit and we know he will be watching us. So we leave the blinds open and give each other and him everything that we all want. We know he jerks his cock and dreams of being with us. But that will never happen, he will always be on the out side looking in. cum slut phone sex dixie2

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