I’m wanna love you..

Adult phone chat

No matter who you are you never really want to be alone. Let me show you good I can be to you. I will love you like I will lose you tomorrow. I want to take care of your needs. Any fantasy you have is now mine. I want to look good for you. I’ll dress the way you want me to. I’ll do my hair the way you want me to. I want to be yours. My kisses are so soft along you neck. My smell is intoxicating. I want a shirt of yours to sleep in wear every night. I just to be your girlfriend. Show me how good you can be to me and trust me I can take you to a new level. Show me off to your friends. I will be yours and only yours. My touch is so soft, so good that you wont want to leave me alone. Until next time I will dream of you. Dream of you hands rubbing my thighs, kissing my neck.

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