I’ll Be Sucking Santa!

Hot Squirting Pussy I always loved sitting on Santa’s lap as a little girl, now I understand why Santa was so hard! I was at the mall with my friends who are also home for the holidays, we like to get drunk and shoplift and have fun to pass the boring hours away from school. My friend dared me to sit on Santa’s lap and not leave until I got him hard, I was excited for the challenge! I was wearing my short slutty red dress so I knew it wouldn’t be too hard to get Santa going. I sat on his lap and told him all I wanted for Christmas was some big hard cock down my throat, I wiggled around just right until I felt that tell-tale bulge in poking my ass. Oh, what a thrill it was bouncing up and down on his lap with all those kids waiting in line! I knew I had to wait for Santa to take a break, I stalked him for hours until he went into one of the back rooms. When I finally got him alone I dropped to my knees and opened my mouth wide, Santa knew just what I wanted and something told me he wanted to fuck my mouth too!

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