Ice Cream Truck!

I love to hear the sound of the Ice Cream Truck coming! That sweet song let’s me know that a yummy treat is on it’s way! I don’t mean the ice cream though! The driver of the truck, Mr. Rogers, always gives me a very special treat! I get to go inside his truck and help him scoop out the ice cream. It sure does get awful cold but Mr. Rogers says I have to reach down real deep to get the best ice cream for the customers. Sometimes he stands behind me to hold me so I don’t fall in. He sure is strong and stiff too! Once the customers are done he usually asks me to get the next scoop ready and reach WAY down. Once I get all the way bent down, he lifts my skirt up and starts licking my pussy! OoOo it feels so good!! He makes my little cunny just cream and squirt so good! Then it’s my turn to lick and suck his popsicle. I make sure to gulp it all the way down. When he can’t take it anymore he stuffs his great big cock inside me and pounds me hard! When this Ice Cream Truck is rockin, you better not come knockin! It gets him so hard for me to tell him just how young I am when he’s got my sweet little pussy wrapped around his P-cock. I’ve been waiting all day long like a good girl. I can’t wait to hear the ice cream truck song soon!

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