I,2,3 Honey Pots

Some times money is tight. No matter how much I try, I can’t seem to stretch that dollar sometimes. But we are lucky because we have not one, not two but three honey pots in this house and men just love to dip into our sweet nectar. So for the last two days these honey pots have been working double time to make what we need. Some of the fellas wanted just one of us and for the other two to watch and play. Some wanted the two girls and for me to watch and play. Some wanted all three of us and they paid dearly. And then there are the ones that paid big dollars to just sit back, dick in hand and watch mommy and her girls do any thing and everything they wanted. For this, the most expensive service, the customer gets a camera and is the director. he tells us just what to do and how to do it, he can move into any angle he wishes and get a 30 min video of his liking. he can not touch us. he can jerk his cock all he wants while he tapes us. he keeps the tape for his own but pays handsomely for it. He can not have us hurt each other in any way. The only exception to that rule is spanking (we like to spank each other). For an extra fee if he chooses we can include our furry little friend who actually likes being a part of our fun. Needless to say in two days we have made what we need, plus we all got new outfits and went to dinner and a movie. i might make this a once a month money making plan since we all like it, we on”t have to worry at the end of the month and we all get to spoil ourselves with the extra. It is a win win for all of us!

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