I Was Twerking Before Twerking Was Cool


Look at that ass shake. I know you love to watch this ass juggle and now I am teaching the girls the fine art of “twerking”. Just looking at this makes you want to ease up behind me and slide that hard cock of yours tight up this mass of glorious, tight, wiggling ass. So imagine sitting on my couch and in front of you is three gorgeous female asses, varying in age, wiggling and working, putting on a show just for you. You can’t help the feeling that starts in the pit of your stomach and works it’s way to your groin as your cock gets bigger and harder by the minute. You have to take it out and jerk it. I hear your zipper open and while the girls continue the show I turn around and take you in my mouth, not to give you a blow job but just to lube you up so that you can jerk off until we let you slide that cock into our holes. I think your going to enjoy this!

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