I took his girlfriend

tranny phone sexI met this guy at a club and after a few drinks one thing led to another I we went back to his place. Everything was hot until his girlfriend walked in and saw him sucking my dick. Well I absolutely hate being the other woman, I won’t fucking stand for it so I slapped him and asked him how dare he put me in the position of hurting his poor girlfriend like that. She was crying her eyes out and he had nothing good to say so I went to comfort his poor girl. She cried on my shoulder at first but then she looked down and saw just how big my cock was. It is much bigger than her boyfriend’s cock so she asked me if I ever fucked girls. Well yeah I sure do! So we made him watch me fuck his girl like she had never been fucked before. She squirted all over the place it was the best sex she had ever had. Now she’s my friend and we fuck all the time and as for the boyfriend, well he is now the ex boyfriend and miserable all alone.

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