I Please You Tonight

fantasy phhone sexYou came in for a massage, but I know what you really want. I take you back to the room and hand you a robe. As you walk out the lights are low, candles lit and soft music. You lay on the table, and I cover your bottom with a sheet. I drip hot oil on your back and you feel it trickle down your spine. My tiny soft hands rub your back. Starting with your shoulders and working my way to your lower back. I remove the sheet and my hands move to your ass. I rub and massage your ass and then gently move your legs apart, working on your inner thighs. I gently graze your balls with my fingers, and I can fill how full they are. I squeeze them and bend over and whisper into your ear you need a happy ending? You are choked up as I squeeze them harder. You whisper yes. I smile as I drop my robe and roll you over. Your cock sticks straight up. I continue to jerky jerky you and as the pre-cum starts to flow I put your balls in my mouth and suck on them. Now babe what would you like to do first? My pretty mouth? My tight bald pussy or my sweet heart shaped ass?

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