I Own You Now

blackmail phone sex

When I walked into your office and saw the new intern on her knees sucking your cock, I knew that it was my lucky day. You’ve been a fucking asshole to me ever since I started here because you wanted to fuck me, and I said no. But now that I’ve seen what you’re doing with this girl who isn’t even out of high school yet, I know that I have you in exactly the place I want you. You won’t have the upper hand over me anymore. Yeah, you might be one who owns this place, but guess what? I own you now.

Things are going to change around here. If you don’t do what I tell you to do, no matter how ridiculous it is, you’re going to really be in trouble. Everyone will find out about what you’ve been doing with your interns. Do you think your wife would be happy to hear that? I don’t think so. I think she’d take you for every dime you have. When you’re ready to face up to what you’ve done, you need to get on the phone and give me a call for blackmail phone sex. Don’t keep me waiting.

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