Suprise Suprise

I had a blind date last night! He was fantastic. Tall, Thick, Sexy! I had the hardest time not showing how hard I actually was! LoL. I wore just the tiniest little dress and a push up bra that made me look like a living doll. I teased him all night! Sucked on my straw like a cock. Accidentally split some of my sweet tea on my breast and slowly whipped it up. Kept moaning at how good the food was..mmmmmmm ….  I had him so hard the poor man could barely walk. When we finally left the restaurant and got in his car. I reached over and started to stroke his cock right thru his pants. I got him so hard he couldn’t turn back. I pulled his dick out and sucked him till he came in my mouth. I sucked every drop out of him. LoL we have another date tomorrow…. I may even tell him I am a nice hard cock of my own! Wont he be surprised…

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