I Know How To Play With His Balls

female domination porn01I like hitting the bowling alley now and then for nerdy little fuckers that will do anything for a hot piece of ass that is kinky and wild. Yesterday was a little different. There were a bunch of college students there and they were all dressed up in 50’s garb. They had a video camera and were recording the evening. I asked someone near by if they knew what the skinny was and I was informed that they were doing a class project on sexual evolution in the 1900’s.

All I had to hear was sexual. I watched with interest, formulating a plan. I could tell that two of them were a couple in real life. She was all over him like white on rice in between filming. It actually looked like that new stage of infatuation to me.

How much fun would that be to fuck with? Loads and loads of fun!

I caught a break when they started putting the equipment away and he was left by the lanes all by himself. I sauntered over to him and whispered in his ear “I heard that bowlers are the best because they know how to play with their balls.” Sucking his ear lobe as I pulled away I reached down and grabbed a hand full of his hard dick.

Of course he sent his friends on their way and paid the manager of the bowline alley for some kinky alone time.But he had no clue!

By the time I was done he wanted to call his girl and tell her he was done. He had seen the less inhibited side of sex. The raunchy, no holds bared side of sex and he liked it.

Hell they all do.

I let him break it off with her and I will play with him for a few days, maybe a week. I will flaunt our “relationship” in her face for maximum effectiveness. To insure that she wants nothing more to do with him, we are making our own special porn. He will be completely submissive to me and do things no good girl could ever forgive. She will of course get her very won copy. And then I will drop his ass in less then a half of a heart beat.

The anticipation is killing me!

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