I Jane, You Tarzan!

Springtime always brings out the wild side in me!  I guess after being inside for the Winter, all I want to do is get outside, and feel the sun and air on my skin.  There is no better way to do that than to spend time with you…outside in the nude!  Push me up against a tree, and take me right there, like we are wild animals.  Bend me over in a field of lillies, as you stroke my wildflower!  Lay me in the grass, and make me scream wild, mating calls, while you hungrily feast on what is yours, and only yours!

Spring is my favorite season, so let’s make sure this is our best Spring ever!  There is so much we can experience together.  I have so many wild and fun and sexy things planned for us…

Call me for some hot, wild, jungle love and great GFE phone sex!

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