Daddy’s Sex Slave

Every now and then, this little teenie turns bad. Well, only because daddy wants to use me up real good. He lays out these red leather thigh high boots and tells me to pick out my baddest outfit for tonight. He said he wants to fuck me like I stole something. I love when daddy treats me like his own personal slave. I do whatever he wants and more!

Daddy has his very own sex dungeon. Whips and chains, all kinds of sex toys, stripper pole and his sex slave Sasha. I put together a little outfit and did a dance for daddy while he stroked his cock. I slid down the pole to the floor and then crawled to him. His cock was so hard it was leaking pre cum. I love licking that cock head and sucking that pre cum out. MmMm.. He fucked my tight teen cunt real hard. I was dripping wet! He used these sex wraps to tie me up. I was spread eagle and I couldn’t get away, I didn’t want to get away though. I wanted daddy to abuse my pussy with his cock. I was his sex slave and he fucked me like one all night long!

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