I Got Anally Force Fucked!

Anal Phone SexI don’t mind being known around my college campus as the cum slut who fucks for fun but I got myself into a bit of trouble for being too damn slutty! I was walking home after a long night of serving drinks at my part time job when a car pulled up next to me, the window rolled down to reveal an older man. I was scared but I was curious as well, the gentlemen offered me a ride home and I knew better than to accept it but I just couldn’t help but hope getting in the car would lead to me getting some hard cock! I jumped in and the next thing I knew I was being drugged and taken away. When I woke up, I was tied to a bench with my ass in the air and my fuck holes exposed, from the shadows my captor came forward—my therapist! So many things ran through my mind but the only thing that stood out were the many hours in which I detailed my sex addiction and incest filled upbringing, perhaps he has been planning this for a long time. I told him if he just freed me, I’d keep this between us but I wasn’t that lucky… My therapist came out and fucking rammed his 10-inch-thick dick right inside my asshole!

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