I gave him what he really wanted

tranny phone sexThis man I met the other day went on and on about how he would never be sexually attracted to a t-girl, he said that he would be able to tell if a woman had a dick he would never be fooled. Well honestly anyone that protests that much about girls like me obviously has some desires they just don’t want to be open about so I decided to have a little fun with him. This guy had no idea at all that I had a cock, he was 100% certain that I was born a woman with a pussy and he wanted me bad. He was always hitting on me and trying to get me back to his place but I hated his personality so I never went… until last night. I let him think I was as wasted as he was and we went back to his place where I allowed him to kiss me and fondle my breasts. Then I sprung the big surprise on him and you know what? He was shocked but instantly rock hard and begged me to suck it! I knew he wanted a chick with a dick! I throat fucked that little liar until I came in his mouth and then went home. He begged me for more but I wanted to make him suffer so that was all he got.

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