I am Not to Old to Enjoy College Coed Sex Girls

college coed sexI am too old for college coed sex, but not too old to appreciate a young coed. I leave near a university. Often when I am in the park, I see a cute coed. I saw this cute red head who could be a mini me. She looked just like me as a teenager. I approached her. I was a bit slow at first. I guess I was nervous. I proposition black men all the time, but not a coed much.  I have a couple times, but not in years. I wanted her. I wanted to share a black lover with her. She was responsive to me, but she had other plans. She wanted me to share her boyfriend with her. Apparently, he has mommy fantasies and always wanted a milf. If he was hung, I was down for it. He had a nice cock. It was no big black cock, but he was more of man than my husband, LOL. I went to her apartment with her. Her boyfriend was a tall drink of water. A college senior. He was 20 and she was 18. And I was the 50 something mature phone sex slut who joined them for a threesome. It was hot as fuck too. I did not even miss those big black cocks when I was with them.  We were together for over 2 hours. I was eating pussy, sharing cock with a cute coed and getting fucked by a hung white boy with mom fantasies. I loved it. No complaints here. None at all. Her boyfriend was a talented lover for being so young. They were a kinky couple too. I do not think I was that liberal in the bedroom at 20. Now, of course I am. I am a cuckolding phone sex whore who gets a lot of black cock. Now, I can add a college couple to my conquests. I hope I can join them again soon.

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