How Far Will You Go?

GFE Phone SexYou have been bugging me all day about one thing or another, and it’s getting on my fucking nerves. When we spoke on the phone you told me I had better change my tone by the time you get home, or I will earn quite the red ass from you. I didn’t care at this point, so I made sure you were nice and annoyed just like me. You walk in the door and I see the look in your eyes, and I instantly regret irritating you. You grab my arm and march me into our bedroom and toss me on the bed. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I jumped up on my hands and knees and dared you to “be a man” and spank me. I was so turned on by your strength and determination to spank me. You grab my waist and your hand landed on my ass so hard that i cried out, but it made me so wet I said “Is that really all you’ve got?”

That was all it took, you spanked me so hard several times and my ass was on fire. My pussy was even hotter than my ass. I flipped around and undid your pants, and your very hard cock popped out. After a few minutes of licking and sucking on your cock, you threw me down on the bed and climbed on top of me. You entered me in one hard motion and it was so intense that I came all over you, but you weren’t done with me. I felt your fingers go to work on my clit as you pounded into me bringing me to an earth shattering orgasm. That was all you could stand and you explode inside me as my pussy milked your cock dry.  I love it when I tease you and get you to the angry fuck stage because sometimes I like it just a little rough.

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