How Big Is It?

I have had men tall me all the time how big they are. Nine inches, ten inches blah blah blah. But when he asked if I would play doctor with him I had no idea! I got all dressed up in my hot little nurses outfit. I told him I was going to give him a full examination. I could see the bulge growing in his pants and my pussy was getting wetter by the minute. It just kept growing! As I walked around the room bending in front of him and giving him glimpses of my tits, ass and pussy it just kept growing. I wanted in those pants of his so bad, I wanted that monster cock, but I also liked the teasing and anticipation. I took his pulse and his heart was racing. His breathing got heavier with ever touch. I had to touch it through his pants, oh my fucking gosh! His dick is fucking huge! It won’t be long now! I can’t wait to see just how big it is! Finally I am going to pull that cock out and measure that fucking monster dick. Oh my goodness it is 14 inches long! I want that damned thing stuffed in me. I hope I can take all that dick inside me! It is going to feel so fucking good!

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