Honoring Our Veterans

There is a base near my house and often we meet people that are stationed there. Several months ago I met a lady around my age whose husband was deployed. We got to talking and became friends. Eventually I was visiting her on the base several times a week and soon I started meeting her friends as well. One night late into the evening we were talking ans she told me how lonely she was. she really loved her husband and didn’t want to be unfaithful but she had needs to. By the end of that night we were in her bed and I gave her all the companion ship she needed. Our relationship grew and we saw each other a lot but she always made it clear that she loved her husband. It dawned on me that I was sitting on a gold mine. I made all these new friends I had made, both male and female that were so lonely with out their significant others. I worked my magic and it wasn’t long before I was a very busy girl doing my duty to my country by helping our deployed men and woman in my own way. My best girl told me a few weeks ago that her man would be coming home soon. Of course I was happy for her but sad at the same time that our time would be coming to an end. Little did I know how happy my pussy was going to be. I didn’t know it but she had been telling her husband about me the whole time. They had decided that the first night he was home they wanted an evening alone, but the next night they both wanted to thank me by spending an evening together, the three of us. I couldn’t believe how fucking lucky I was, a hot sexy military man who has been deprived for a long, long time, me and my girl all in one bed for a hot fucking night that was going to be wild as hell!

Before I forget in my excitement, thanks to all who have served and are serving our country. And thanks to you men and women coming home to rock the pussies and dicks of all of us who appreciate you! Fuck on my friends, fuck on!

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