Happy Veteran’s Day!

Me and my big brother have a routine we do every time he comes home from the army. I love to show him how much I appreciate his service to our country. So I make sure I service him completely! We always roleplay our first time together which was the best. He snuck into my room and saw me sleeping like an angel. So cute and so sexy he just had to touch. He slid back the covers and saw my naked body. When I woke up I felt a warm sensation between my legs. It was my favorite brother eating my pussy.

Just like old times, his cock was hard and ready for me to suck the skin off of it! I get on my hands and knees and go to work as he calls me his dirty little mut! That’s right my pussy gets wetter with every degrading name he can think of! We fuck like rabbits until he is ready to explode. I want him to shoot his cum in my mouth. I’ve missed his yummy cum so much! Ever since we were little he has always been my best friend. We share things with each other that nobody else knows and he always makes me feel so special.

I love him and he fucks me like no man ever could. My brother really knows his way around a pussy, and thanks to me he is like the best lay ever. We fuck together perfectly. When our bodies come together it’s like magic. I guess you could say we are genetically in sync with one another.  He is the yin to my yang, the peanut butter to my love jelly.

When he finally shoots his load, I say with a mouth full of cummies… Happy Veteran’s Day Brother and Welcome Home!!!

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