Hollywood Heat

I was invited to a Hollywood party last night at this huge beach house. My friend Alesta said this will be way cool, we have to go. The party thrower sent us a limo with a fully stocked bar, so we drank our way there. We pulled up at the house and got out of the limo to see porn star Anita dark walk in the house with two other girls. With wonder we walked in to find Charlie Sheen talking to Alyssa Milano talking about tv projects in their underwear. We then turned and saw Pam Anderson naked, making out with Tommy Lee on a couch. We just looked at each other and said OMG it’s a Hollywood sex festival.

Miley Cyrus was getting fucked by two guys on a pool table and I saw my friend walk away with pro wrestler the Miz. I then felt some one tap me on my shoulder. To my surprise, it was Nicolas Cage. “It looks like your friend left you” he said “yeah” I answered. “she likes the sports guys”. Nick was wearing some cargo shorts and a t-shirt.  When he handed me a glass of red wine, and talked with me, I could tell he was checking me out the whole time as my nipples perked up. Nick made his move and said “would you like to join me in a bedroom?” I smiled, gave him a peck, and said yes. We looked in the first bedroom and saw Mandi Moore and Katy Perry having sex with this married couple. The husband was giving it to his wife while she was eating Mandi’s pussy, and Katy was flying solo.
We the snuck into the next bedroom where we saw Drew Berrymore watching porn, rubbing her body and reaching for a dildo. I said “oh we’re sorry” Drew smiled with naughty intentions and said “oh no come on in.” She slipped me out of my dress, began kissing me, and pulling me into the bed as Nick got undressed, and joined us.

Drew kissed me with passion as Nick rubbed my body all over. It felt so good, and soon I was stroking his hard on as Drew was licking and suckling at my nipples while grinding our love boxes together. I looked into Drew’s eyes and said I want to eat you. She giggled and said “mmmm” ok baby 69 me”. I got on top of her and lowered my pussy to her lips as Nick leaned back and watched. Oh wow this is awesome he said. I licked Drew’s pussy wildly as she did the same to mine as waves of lust hit us full force. I looked up and said you want some Nick? “ oh momma yes I do” he said. I turned around and offered my wet pussy to him. He teased my pussy lips a little and entered me from behind. As my mouth lapped up Drew’s pussy juices. Nick found a great pace and pushed into me deep. Drew slid up and held my ass open and slid a finger inside my rosebud. I moaned and shook with lust as the two stars worked me and an orgasm hit my sexy body so hard. Then Nick plopped me over and rammed his rod in me hard and deep as Drew slid the lubed dildo snug into my ass, sucked my tits and turned it on. Electric pulses went through my body and made me cum in minutes. Nick then pulled out and blew his load all over my body. As Nick left Drew and I kissed and exchanged phone numbers and we walked down the hallway hand in hand naked.

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