He’s Mine!!

Mommy Phone Sex

He was staring so hard at me and it was pissing me off. I was sure that the chick he was standing in line with was his girlfriend and he so disrespectfully gawked at my fat tits the entire time we stood there. When she looked back and snarled at me I was certain of who she was to him. Now I don’t have a problem fucking someones man but I do have an issue with the drama! If I can ride a previously owned cock and not deal with the crazy currently, last, or next girl in line I’d be fucking everyone’s man without a problem.

When I finally got to the front of the line they were headed out the door. I thought this was the last that I would see of them, but as I exited they both were waiting for me to come out. The chick spoke first saying how much her man loved my body and she wanted us to all join each other at their new place. It threw me completely off guard because just a moment ago she was looking like she had a serious problem with me and now she was smiling and gawking at me the same way her man just was. After the initial shock wore off of my face I started to size her up and noticed she was definitely fine, standing at a small 5’5″ she had a fat ass sitting high behind her and nice tits that I could suck on. He was definitely a looker so the freak in me was down and I hopped in the car and followed them home.

I followed them through their house to this room in the back and was surprised by what was revealed behind door number 4… It looked like a play house that belonged inside of a sex shop, there were sings, whips, and chains OH MY! I had the feeling that these two were freaks by the way they approached me outside the door, but this room was like the cherry on top. She pulled me into the room to get a closer look at everything, pushing my back up against a shelving unit of sex toys, she pulled at my top to set my fat tits loose. They popped out and she sucked them like a newborn baby, holding onto one while she nibbled on my nipple. Her boyfriend was focused hard on me, staring straight passed her being captivated by my huge tits and the way I was making his girlfriend lose control.

I had her down on her knees sucking the cum out of my pussy while he enjoyed my tits. When she got my pussy nice and wet I told him I was ready to take him in me and he slipped his nice cock inside my wet pussy. He held me like I was his girl, and in his arms I came like I owned his dick. We had forgotten there was even anyone else in the room, he was yelling about how much he loved my sweet black pussy and I told him he could have as much as he wanted. Pushing his dick deeper inside me he came before he even touched his girlfriend. That night we exchanged numbers and he was with me every chance he got from then on out. He’s been my regular since then and he’s been showing up with out her for the past few months. 

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