Hear Me Roar

This kitty is a full grown lioness. Look at this pussy and tell me you don’t want to just bury your face in between these legs. I know you do. And so did the guy that was taking these pictures for me. It was the best little picture taking session ever. I started completely dressed and posing provocatively, working him into a frenzy with out showing him anything at all. Then I took off my panties and threw them at him but he couldn’t see anything. As I turned and posed I caught him passing my panties close to his face so he could nonchalantly get a whiff of the musky smell of my pussy. I slid a shoulder strap off my shoulder and let it hang down teasing him with the idea of more flesh. Then the other shoulder as my dress hung low clinging to the mounds of my tits and threatening to drop to the floor any second. I wiggled and shimmied and posed some more letting the dress inch it’s way lower with every movement I made. I could see his dick jump in his pants each time the dress moved as he waited for it to fall from my body. Finally it slid down and hit the floor and there I was in all my glory. I didn’t stop posing once, didn’t miss a beat. His cock was raging in his pants and I could tell he wanted what he saw. I finally gave in but teasing was sure fun!

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