He was so surprised

tranny phone sexI was dating this guy for weeks, we had only ever made out a little because he was being extra respectful and I thought it was cute. I was getting real friggin horny tho so I invited him over to my place and opened the door wearing some sexy lingerie and heels. Man, his eyes almost popped out his head when he saw me! He was instantly turned on and all over me. Now, I thought that he new I had a cock this whole time but apparently he didn’t because when he finally got me naked he was shocked. He was hesitant at first but I encouraged him and after a few minutes he started gingerly sucking my cock. Well, after the first hesitation he was all over it! Sucking it like he had been waiting to suck a dick his whole life it was insane! Oh it felt so good too, he wasn’t ready to be fucked yet but he sucked me off and swallowed every drop of cum.

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