He Got His Happy Ending And Then Some

fantasy phone sexWe have been very busy at my massage parlor lately. A fresh young group had arrived, and the clients are breaking them in nicely. However, that does mean the wait has become incredibly longer than normal. That is just not acceptable for some of my high rollers. So, what does a money hungry horny business owner do? She puts herself on the menu. I didn’t even charge the uptick on my services. They were in for quite a treat. I picked one of the regs and as he was escorted to the backroom as he opened the door he saw me on the bed, completely naked and eager to please him. A smile crossed his face as I asked him if he was ready for his happy ending. He shook his head in agreement as he started unbuckling his pants. Like a good submissive whore, I quickly went to help him. Laid him on the bed and started the massage. He had his happy ending and decided he wanted more. I never turn down money, so I made myself and all of my tight bald holes available for his entertainment. He didn’t hold back and by the time he left I was gaped, stretched and covered in cum.

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