He Asked For It- CBT Phone Sex

Oh glory he loves to come play every now and then. No one knows how to give him cock and ball torture the way I do darling. He likes it really rough and sadistic and I know just how to give it to him the way he likes it. I make him so happy when I administer the cock and ball torture that he craves, he needs, he begs for. He cums so hard for me when I bring him pain. He begs me for more and I love giving it to him darling. He knows it is never the same thing twice, I always have something new and exciting for him when he cums to me. I make him suck my dick each time he wants more pain. He has to earn his pleasure by bringing me pleasure and he knows that. He does know how to suck a mean dick, it is glorious and my dick stays hard knowing that he loves it nice and kinky and takes me deep in his throat making me cum before we continue with his cock and ball torture. I bring him close to passing out and then stop and make him wait for more. It is a glorious night darling for both of us!

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