Having Fun With Boyfriend’s Furry Friend

Furry Friends Phone Sex

My boyfriend left me alone with his furry friend for the weekend while he went away for a boy’s trip. He shouldn’t have left me alone with it. I’m a desperate woman when I’m horny and ready to fuck anything with a big enough cock to fuck me. I go into the fridge and rub peanut butter on my pussy. The mutt raced over, and my legs were wide open ready for him to lick it. My pussy quivered as he licked it, making me squirm and desperate for his dick. I got down and licked his cock, getting it so hard. I had never seen a mutt with a cock that size before. I’d seen my 4 legged friend hump everything, and hoped he would hump me. I got down on the floor and raised my ass to him. He got the idea and fucked my wet pussy. That mutt sure knew how to give a good fucking, pounding me hard and fast. He came inside of me, wagging his tail as he did it. I knew my wet pussy made him happy, and I got the best fucking of my life. 


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