Have You Met Olivia?

2 Girl Call Phone SexGuys joke all the time about having a “wingman” when they go out trolling for girls, well girls do the very same thing.  Olivia and I have been friends for a while now, and we are there for each other in the trolling for guys department.  We were instant friends from the moment we met because we seem to have the same sense of humor.  Neither one of us is really jealous, so we don’t mind sharing  everything especially guys.  Olivia is always so gracious and kind because she is not selfish or mean at all.  Her kind hearted nature is so welcoming that everyone gravitates to her and her beauty is quite striking so all the guys want to talk to her.

We went out last weekend and ran into a friend of ours, and he was partying pretty hard already, so when he asked us to join him Olivia quickly said yes.  I wasn’t sure about it, but she knew how much fun he was when he was partying and wanted to share this experience with me.  We went back to his place and Olivia just jumped in and started sucking his cock, and when I saw that I forgot all my hesitations and jumped right in with her.  We took turns sucking his cock, sitting on his face and riding his cock that he actually nutted so many times that he was spent.  That’s really hard to do to a guy when he’s on as many drugs as this guy was, but Olivia wanted to make sure we all had a good time.  So if you haven’t met Olivia yet, just wait until you are at the bar next time; I may walk up to you and say: Hi!  Have you met Olivia?  That will be the beginning of your appreciation for her as well.

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