Happy Teddy Bear Day, Charlie.

furry friends phone sexI love teddy bears. I’ve collected them since I was young. My very favorite one was huge. I called him Charlie and he was my first lover. Being a tiny girl has its advantages. I’d climb up into Charlie’s big strong arms and hug him. “Fuck me, ” I’d whisper, rubbing my cunny against his furry pelvis. Humping him made me feel so good. I loved the feel of stuffing against my clit and I couldn’t help but leave a wet spot where I came.
As I got older, I needed more. I got creative and stole my sister’s vibrator. I poked a small hole in Charlie’s body and shoved it in and sewed it up tight. It had one of those hand-held controls, so I would turn it up, climb onto my fur-baby and slide his hard cock into my pussy. Even though I was young, I knew what I liked. “Oh, Charlie. I wish you were alive and could fill me with cum.” I moaned, bouncing harder.
Even when I left for college, Charlie went with me. A coed needs a way to relieve some sexual tension without getting a reputation. My fur lover never failed to satisfy me. I felt guilty sometimes for using him so hard and I sucked his huge cock. There had been many modifications to Charlie since my youth, including a big black cock that really filled me to bursting.
Finally, I gave Charlie up after my roomie and her BF came in late to find me fucking him. My eyes were so far back in my head in pleasure that I never heard them. Of course, they were so turned on that they introduced me to my first threesome. She ate me out while he fucked my face. It was time to find a human lover.
I will always miss the bear who took my virginity though. He sits in my youth bedroom with his penis removed and the hole sewn shut. I can still see his scar and smell pussy on his plush fur. I think I may introduce him to my young niece and let him have some of her sweet pussy, too.
Happy Teddy Bear Day, Charlie. I’ll always miss your furry cock.

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