Happy National Hugging Day!

I was at the mall today and totally unaware that today is “National Hugging Day”. Even though I didn’t realize it – I could not have been better dressed for it! I Had on a tight little t-shirt with my huge tits falling out of it, and every man I walked by wanted a hug. It made me think about all the great things in life these breasts have gotten me. I thought back to when I was a little younger and the boys in school would make fun – I know now its because they wanted me.

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Then I think of the guys I dated and how much they loved tittie fucking me. I did more tittie fucking virgins than I can count – how many girls can say that? Having grown these gorgeous tits naturally, I am so grateful that they continue to get me all the cock I could possibly want. All the hugging today at the mall got me horny as fuck and by the time I was done shopping I had decided that the next guy who hugged me was getting a trip back to my place for a bang he would never forget.

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Sure enough, the right guy came along, took one look at these huge melons and followed me to my place. Chalk up another great fuck to these awesome tits – they get me anything and everything I want! So in honor if National Hugging Day, I am going to give a huge hug to what matters most – MY BOOBIES!

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