Happy Housewife Day

I have always wished I could be Snow White. She is the ultimate house wife and the bitch has it good. Cleaning all day for not one or two or even three but seven little people all with dicks. Can you imagine the orgies after dinner in that little house? My pussy gets wet every time I think about it and the girls love the way I change the fairy tale to suite my horny fantasies when I tell them the story. I have several versions including how Snow eats the apple and her Prince Charming dislodges it with his cock in her mouth only to fuck the shit out of her while the dwarfs watch and jack their dicks covering her in cum from head to toe. Yes little miss housewife, Snow has it made. The critters of the forest all love her too. Taking a break from cleaning she goes out to the well to fetch water and play with all her furry little friends. So to all the woman out there who think being a house wife is boring, I am telling you spice it up baby. Not only will you love it but the whole family will get in on the action and dicks and pussies young and old will be much happier.

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