12 Trannies+Faggots Galore=Fun

Darling, let me tell you what happened….We met at the club, all of us partying and having a great time. Getting drunk, dancing, laughing and then they asked us the question and you could have heard a pin drop. There were twelve of us,  trannies, shemale divas. And there were 4 of them, cross dressing, cock sucking, slutty faggots. They had long since told us they wanted to be called faggots. They explained that they liked being bottom faggots. They never needed to give dick, they just wanted to lay down and get fucked hard while being called faggots.I guess that should have been our first clue. Any way the bar is about to close and they admit they have never been fucked by a shemale dick and they want to be our bottom faggots for the evening. They want to crawl around the room, begging to be fucked, sucking hard dicks and getting dick slammed in their asses all night. All they wanted was to worship our cocks while being used. Well we had never done anything like that and we have done a lot of shit. We were drunk enough, why the fuck not? It was a night I won’t soon forget, darling!

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