Hot Phonesex and Happy Endings

I’ve given my fair share of happy endings. I used to work at this very secret Chinese massage parlor. They couldn’t get enough of my soft hands, ending with a sweet rub and tug of their throbbing cocks. While I rubbed their necks and shoulders their tent grew and wriggled in delight and anticipation. I liked to drag out the massage until they were practically begging me to end it. I had a guy come in once who hardly reacted to the pressure of my nimble fingers. I thought he must be hard to please so I went a little further for this one. I ripped his sheet away sending my mouth on a journey down his body. Nothing. I was so determined. So fucking turned on by the control this man had. I wanted him. I had to have him. I stood in front of him, shedding my geisha costume. He stands and walks toward me. He’s a bear of a man and lifts my petite frame with one arm onto the table and tore into my pussy like a bowl of fried rice. It’s nice to be on the other end of things sometimes.

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