Happy Ending Massages are Not Just for Men!

Romantic phone sex blonde fuckingWhen I think of a happy ending massage parlor, I think of an Asian place, with little cute Chinese women massaging horny old men’s cocks or prostates until they cum. It never occurred to me that I could get a happy ending massage by a ruggedly good looking young man named Sven . Being a phone sex operator is tough on the body believe it or not. I am a submissive whore, so spending hours cradling a phone between my shoulder and my ear while spanking myself or fucking myself with some dangerous object like a gun or spiked dildo or gagging on such object for hours, causes tension in my neck and upper back. So, I decided to get a massage to work the kinks out.

big tit photos sensual sexI was nervous when he suggested I put on a towel. I’m pretty tall and buxom, so a towel was not going to cover much more than my left boob. Sven offered me a glass of champagne to take the edge off. I chugged three glasses, then hopped up on the table to get kinky. I mean get the kinks out! His hands felt so strong as they worked from my neck down to my ass. He actually rubbed my ass checks. “You carry a lot of tension in your buttocks, ” he whispered. Well, that would be from holding a dildo in my ass for 6 hours Sunday. All that clenching gave me knots in my ass lol. Having my ass massaged felt amazing. For once, someone was loving my ass instead of abusing it. I was getting very wet. I was sure he could smell my excitement from his touch.

hot ass sex shaved cuntI was trying to remain professional. This was a high end European Spa, not some happy ending Asian massage parlor where the add on menu includes hand jobs or blowjobs. As I was lost in my ass massage, I felt a finger slide into my pussy, while a hand continued to kneed my ass checks. I gasped, and tensed up. Sven, pulled his finger back and apologized, but I assured him I loved the way he was making me feel. I was not accustomed to my own pleasure. “Such a beautiful woman deserves all the pleasure she can get,”  he informed me, as he slid his finger back inside my aching pussy. His strong fingers worked their way in and out of my pussy. I started squeezing my pussy walls on his fingers. I was a puddle of juice. He flipped me over, so he could add his tongue to the mix. I was getting a hot wet pussy massage.

wet bald pussy licking cuntI tried to grab his cock, but he would not let me return the favor. It was all about me for once. His tongue probed me deeply. He continued to massage my clit with his fingers as he tongued my neglected fuck holes. But when he stuck his finger deep in my pussy, putting his tongue back  on my swollen  clit, I exploded. Happy Ending Indeed.  I squirted everywhere. I coated  his face with my pent up sexual tension. Drowned his face is more accurate. If I had known happy ending massages were available for women too, I would have gotten a massage a long time ago.

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