Halftime Showtime!

Now I wouldn’t say I love the Superbowl, but I will tell you that I love the benefits of having gangs and gangs of big hunky men running around my town. It never fails, no matter who’s playing whether its my home team or someone else, the men still come out in mass numbers the second the month of February comes around. I could care less about the game because I promise I haven’t watched not one game all season. I do have a special space in my heart for the Superbowl, their half time shows are a lot longer than the regular season which gives me enough time to have more than a quickie.

I decided to enjoy the Superbowl at my brothers house last year and boy was it fun! By halftime everyone was extremely wasted do their wasn’t a shy bone in the place. My brother’s best friend was no exception. He approached me while I was in my room and started to pick a fight with me. Instead of talking shit back I popped him in his face and it was all over from there. We were on the floor wrestling when I realized how much I really desired this man. He was holding me so tight and grabbing me in the all the right places.

I was trying to get loose from his hold then suddenly he kissed me before I got the chance to walk away. I was a sucker for him the moment his lips touched mine. We for lost in each other in that moment and were eventually wrestling naked. He was toying with my pussy and I was all his. He made me nut all over him, he told me he’d been waiting for this moment ever since him and my brother became friends. He left me there wanting all of his nut as we stumbled back to the living room before they got to far into the third quarter. I do hope I can bump into him again this Superbowl season.

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