Game? What Game?

Every year, during the Superbowl, I play the same game – trying to get your attention! You are a fuck machine every other day of the year, so this is the only day that its a challenge for me, and secretly I love it. I know you want my body but your love of that stupid game is actually enough to distract you – or is it? I usually wait until halftime, but not this year. I want to make sure I totally control that cock of yours and so I am pulling out all the stops.

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I’m going to start by withholding sex from you for a couple days. I need you even more horny than usual to play out my plan. I am going to parade around for those couple of days in next to nothing clothes and every time that cock gets hard and wants to fuck me I am going to make up a reason why I can’t. You will be out of your mind wanting my tight pussy by the time that football game starts.

hot phonesex janelle
Then you will spend Sunday pregaming all morning, while I spend it shopping for a super sexy outfit and some new heels. I will come home, and do my makeup and hair just the way you like. You will be trying to watch TV, but your cock will make you aware of my sexy perfume coming from the other room. Then, wearing my new outfit – a sexy loose blouse and leopard print high heels, I will parade out in front of you. As I stop in between you and the TV, I begin to strip. I pull my blouse down and expose my breasts as I gyrate my hips and pinch my nipples.

hot phonesex janelle
Your cock starts to stir in your jeans, and your attention slowly moves from the Big Game to my body. You sit back, adjusting your huge dick, and I finally have your full attention. I tease you slowly, showing you every piece of me that you have wanted for days. I just keep teasing, and you finally get up and grab me and pin me down on the couch. Your enthusiasm is hot as fuck and you fuck me with that cock of yours without glancing at the TV even one time. The cheering coming from the speakers seemed like it was for us. It may as well have been – I scored the ultimate touchdown.

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