Guided masturbation with Cody

Guided masturbationGuided masturbation is something I began doing early on. I liked being able to be with someone and help them get off. It started from having so much freedom early on. I remember being a couple years ago after my 18th birthday I was given a shit load of freedom. I was a finishing school and getting ready to go off to college and I was driving and so independent. I also had the advantage of having parents that both were incredible workaholics. They were barely ever around and I had the chance to do whatever I pleased and I sure took advantage of that. I would sneak in a couple cute guys preferably ones that were some sort of athletes whether it was a foot back quarter back or one of the baseball players from our school, they were invited over to help me get off. I was scared to get knocked up like my cousin Terra so I was strictly a blowjob princess and totally into mutual masturbation. I  liked seeing the guys I was with blow their loads and just be in total satisfaction. It was good for my ego and it made me cum that much harder. There’s something hot about watching someone reaching their big O.Guided masturbation

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