Guided masturbation while having complete control over you

Guided masturbationThere you are, I was looking for you!!! You better not have been masturbating without me… You want to be a good boy don’t you? I am the Big tit fucking slut that knows exactly how to make your cock feel good, aren’t I? I make your cock feel huge and your loads so thick and creamy… Well then you know that you have to be a good boy and do as you’re told.. If you do I will let you cum all over my tits, that you drool over.. mm you like that don’t you; then you better be on your best behavior.. I know your cock is bulging.. rub it through your workpants. You feel bad don’t you; how could you resist Ms. Gabrielle.. Just relax, show me your throbbing cock and show me how much your deserve these Gigantic tits.

Go ahead pull your dick out… pull it out baby. You are so hard for me.. You need Guided masturbation, I will teach you how to please yourself and have full control over your every move. Squeeze your cock and then let it go.. it feels good to feel your cock throb doesn’t it? Hold your big mushroom head for me.. You are getting sensitive aren’t you. I like it when you get sensitive. Don’t resist.. Now, Stop. Squeeze lube all over your cock and start stroking again.. Up and down medium speed, it feels so good daddy, doesn’t it. Ya, stroke your thick meaty dick for me.. Earn it, so you can Cum on my tits! Your precum is starting to drip out.. put two hands on your cock and stroke up and down baby.. Keep stroking for me, close your eyes and imagine that’s my tits wrapped around your cock right now. Now Blow all over my big tits.. I know they are your favorite you have been dying to cum on them for so long.. Good boys listen and Obey during Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex! 




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