Guided masturbation

guided masturbationI am such a dirty girl! I was with my best friends dad and we were in his room with the door locked and closed and he told me to start touching myself. I had short little shorts on and a tank top. I started grabbing my tits through my shirt and rubbing my clit through my shorts. I could feel my pussy so swollen and wet through my panties.

I decided to take everything off and get completely naked. I listened to him, whatever he told me to do. He wanted me to smack my twat and finger fuck myself till I was gushing all down my hands. He got so turned on watching me fuck myself that he needed to hop in my twat hole. He fucked his cock into my pussy and was slamming his thick cock deep inside of me.

I am going to fuck the cum out of his cock, until he blows!

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