Grudge Fuck

He was furious when he called me. How could she cheat on him? I tried to calm him down but revenge was all that was on his mind. He wanted my help. At first I didn’t want to do it, but when he told me what he had in mind, despite my reservations, my pussy was saying yes, yes, yes!
Last night he asked her to go out to dinner. He told her he was taking her to a fancy restaurant and she had dress appropriately for a four star restaurant.
I was waiting at the seedy motel on the edge of town, it is in one of the worst neighborhoods and no one  pays any attention to what is going on. I was waiting with one of my big, beautiful hunks of chocolate. He wanted me to bring the biggest dick I could find with the kinkiest appetite for little cheating whores.
John is hung like a fucking horse, he rips my pussy open every time we fuck and I know he is just perfect.
My friend rented the room early in the afternoon and stocked it with drink for us as well as some very carefully picked out accessories for the night all laid out on the bed.
John and I arrived and waited in the bathroom fro them to come in.
When we emerge and Johns huge dick is standing at attention her eyes are as wide as saucers. She is told that whores who cheat get punished and for her there is no escape.
He watches and laughs as John takes her tight little cunt and stretches it wide open, her screams muffled by the pillow in her face.
Grudge fucking is so much fun and the night has only just begun!

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